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LED On Technologies - The original creators of the Polilight Flare Plus 2

ForensicFlare, developed by LED On Technologies, is designed and manufactured by the same company and team behind the renowned Polilight Flare Plus 2.


As the original manufacturer of the Polilight Plus 2, we have decided our OEM agreement with Rofin has been terminated due to Rofin’s failure to uphold the expected standards of good industry conduct.


As of 2019, they were no longer authorized to sell or market NEW Polilight Flare Plus 2.


With over 20 years of expertise, our team of specialists is dedicated to producing innovative and high-quality solutions for the forensic, law enforcement, health, and military industries. Our products are designed to excel in challenging environments, ensuring optimal performance and durability.


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Service for Polilight Flare Plus 2


As the original manufacturer of the Polilight Flare Plus 2, we have trained and experienced technicians to repair your malfunctioning light. We can provide repair and service check-ups on your Polilight Flare Plus 2.


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Ready to upgrade your Polilight?


Our special service for Polilight Flare Plus 2 users is to upgrade and replace crucial components in their light to increase Power, Output and Performance and transform it to an improved version of the model.


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ForensicFlare Light Series

Intense and powerful

Experience the latest in forensic lighting with the next generation of handheld ALS.


ForensicFlare professional forensic light are high performing and premium quality lights, designed for the most demanding professional forensic users. The combination of excellent quality and superior technology creates the best ALS solution on the market. ForensicFlare Light provides forensic specialist with a variety of 12 extremely powerful portable forensic lights and introduces new and unique features

Battery Powered

Stackable Filters

Light & Compact

12 Wavelength

Best in class

Barrier Filter Cones

The BarrierCone is a magnetic and stackable cone-shaped barrier filter providing users with a hands-free barrier filter in multiple colors.

Stackable Filters

Stackable bandpass and beam shaping filters empower the user to customize the usage of the ForensicFlare Light and are easy to use.

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Biohazard Light Source

The Biohazard Light Source is a new powerful handheld shortwave ultraviolet light powered by our most efficient UVC technology and is fully compatible with the ForensicFlare Light Serie.

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Innovation is at the core of our company and while all our projects are based on decades of experience we continue to push the boundaries of the existing technology and possibilities.

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We are searching for established forensic equipment distributors and partners to collaborate with and introduce our portfolio of products to the forensic industry all around the world.

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