Stackable Filters

Stackable Filters

Magnetic & Stackable

Stackable Filters

Stackable Bandpass and Beam shaping filters.

ForensicFlare Light introduces new and unique stackable bandpass-, barrier- and beam shaping filters.

The magnetic front ring system keeps the stackable filters in place and provides an easy configuration between changing the filter or stacking bandpass- and beam-shaping filters on top of each other.

Stacking multiple bandpass filters provides new detection opportunities and can match much more expensive short-wave filters on the market.

ForensicFlare Light introduces 6 new bandpass filters and 3 new beam-shaping filters.

Bandpass Filters

Band-pass filters are used to transmit energy within a defined, clearly delineated wavelength range while preventing energy transmission outside of that range.


Optical band-pass filters are normally made up of a series of interference layers that are stacked in a specific pattern to provide high transmission values in the pass band. 


To achieve the necessary spectral function, the filter designs are combined with absorbing materials, various layer systems, and colored glass, and to meet the users demanding criteria of their application, sophisticated filter designs has been used.


Unique for ForensicFlare Light is an innovative magnetic stacking system providing users with a new way to create a highly narrow beam of light.


There is no limit to the number of filters stacked on top of each other which opens up a new dimension of customization for the professional forensic light user. The combination of certain bandpass filters can prove effective against new materials and is a new world that awaits to be explored.