ForensicFlare Light

The new flagship forensic ALS

ForensicFlare Light provides crime scene investigators with a variety of extremely powerful portable forensic lights and improves the chances of locating hidden evidence or indistinguishable residue.


The powerful features of ForensicFlare Light will increase the detection of latent fingerprints, Body Fluids, Hair and Fibers, Gun Shot residues, Bone fragments, tire tracks, shoe prints, drugs, etc.


New and Improved Design


ForensicFlare Light is designed and engineered by the original manufacturer behind the acclaimed Polilight Flare Plus and is now ready to be introduced to the market. ForensicFlare Light is a state-of-the-art forensic light source with more power, an efficient battery, and an even more intense light beam compared to previous models and competitors.


Focusing the beam through the high-quality optics makes the light more uniform and the intensity of the center is higher than any other ALS. The consistency and intensity of the beam increase the effectiveness of detecting evidence and photography results.


Extreme Power


ForensicFlare Light is brighter than any other handheld ALS battery system and is powered by a new multicell li-ion battery which provides several hours of bright light. The increased intensity is visible to any professional comparing the ForensicFlare Light to its predecessor and its closest competitors.


The latest generation of LEDs provides the best light source, the li-ion battery delivers long and reliable power, and the high-quality optics create the best performing forensic light possible. The ForensicFlare Light is the best Alternative Light Source on the market.


Ease of use


It will surprise most first-time users to see how powerful the ForensicFlare Light is compared to its size. The small size and low weight might be deceiving but the ForensicFlare Light provides a more intense beam of light compared to its predecessors.


Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your palm and is easy to carry around. The ForensicFlare Light is activated with a slider button and turns on instantly without any delay. The lightweight design makes it easy to use without worrying about hand fatigue and makes it extremely portable even when the full assortment of ForensicFlare Light is accompanying you on your assignment.

Uniform Beam

The pat. pending. optics focuses the light into a high-powered beam with an unprecedented high Lux-value.


With a compact size of only 168 cm (6.6″) and a low weight of 540 grams (19oz) it is easy to carry wherever you go.

Increased Power

Increased power provides higher intensity and gives you the capability to detect evidence previously to hard to detect.


ForensicFlare Light is made of high quality and very durable materials and can accompany you in any weather condition.


540 Grams (19oz)

Head diameter 74 mm (2.9”)

Body diameter 46 mm (1.8”)

Overall length 168 mm (6.6”)

– Magnetic Filter Stacking

– Multi-function reed switch collar

– On/Off

– Adjustable intensity output (12steps)

– Strobing


– Airplane lock mode

– Activation sequence

  • 265nm – UVC
  • 365nm – UVA
  • 445nm – Purple
  • 450nm – Blue
  • 505nm – Cyan
  • 530nm – Green
  • 545nm – Yellow/Green
  • 595nm – Orange
  • 620nm – Red 
  • 850nm – Infrared
  • 935 to 965nm – Infrared
  • 400 to 700nm – White 

27 Watts

5500 Lumens

9º Full Angle.

50% Intensity = 240 min.

100% Intensity = 120 min. 

  • – Charge time from 0-100% = Approx. 180 minutes.
  • – Charging indicator
  • – Charge time indicator
  • – Charge direction = Horizontal and Vertical.

Rechargeable, Li-ion Battery, 11.1 Volts, 3.4 amp

-10°C to +60°C; 45-95% RH (14°F to 140°F)

Use ordinary cleaning detergent or rubbing alcohol.

Anodized Aluminum with TPU self-healing anti-corrosion coating and silk coated high-quality plastic.

IP64 Rating


– BarrierCone* | OG550, GG475, OG515, OG590 |

– Beam shaping filters* | 8°, 30°, 70×1° |

– Bandpass Filters* | 365nm, 415nm, 450nm, 505nm, 530nm, 545nm |

– Goggles | OG550, GG475, OG515, OG590 |

– Gloves

– Tabletop Holder

– Power cable 12V/ 220V/110V AC

– Carry Cases w/built-in chargers

– Ball mount for tripod




Accessories can be additional purchase


Barrier Filter Cones

The Biohazard Light Source is a new powerful handheld shortwave ultraviolet light powered by our most efficient UVC technology.

Stackable Filters​

The BarrierCone is a magnetic and stackable cone-shaped barrier filter providing users with a hands-free barrier filter in multiple colors.

Biohazard Light Source

The Biohazard Light Source is a powerful handheld shortwave ultraviolet light powered by our most efficient UVC technology.

Application of ForensicFlare Light

Versatile Forensic ALS

The ForensicFlare Light emits intense and very narrow bands of light with wavelengths ranging from 268 to 965 nanometers.

The full series of the ForensicFlare Light counts 12 wavelengths and is suitable for both fieldwork and to be used in the laboratory.  The various color options have been selected to facilitate a broad spectrum of applications.

The ForensicFlare Light ALS is suitable for all fingerprint and other trace evidence detection techniques and is applied in three different ways to detect and enhance forensic evidence:

– Fluorescence imaging
– Reflection imaging using specular and diffused reflection.
– Absorption imaging.

Added to the new series is the 268nm UVC wavelength which provides incredible latent fingerprint detection and an antibacterial effect to reduce cross-contamination from a crime scene to a lab, or in any other scenario where potential harmful pathogens pose a threat.

400-700nm | White
General Searching, Fingerprints

268nm | UVC
Latent fingerprints with fluorescent powder DactoFlare®, Skin trauma & Antibacterial treatment.

365nm | UVA
Bodily fluids, cleaning agents, fats, oils and fluorescentpowder.

415 | Purple
Fingerprints in blood, bloodstains, DNA, gunshot residue.

450 | Blue
Saliva, semen, urine, and other bodily fluids Ardrox®,Basic Yellow®, DFO, trauma to skin.

505 | Cyan
Object and DNA searches at the crime scene Bonefragments, teeth, etc.

530 | Green
Bone & tooth fragments, fibers, nanoparticles, DFO, Ninhydrin.

545 | Olive
Object and DNA searches at the crime scene Bonefragments, teeth, etc.

595 | Orange
Ninhydrin, Background reduction.

620 | Red
Ninhydrin, Background reduction.

850 | Infrared
Sweat prints, Ink examination, Identity document forgery, paint analysis, fibers.

950 | Infrared
Sweat prints, Ink examination, Identity document forgery, paint analysis, fibers.