Polilight Flare Plus 2

Polilight flare Plus 2 Service?

By the original manufacturer.

Is it difficult to receive proper service and repair for your Polilight Flare Plus 2?


Is the lack of spare parts affecting the possibility to repair your broken and malfunctioning light?


As the original manufacturer of the Polilight Flare Plus 2, we have trained and experienced technicians to repair your malfunctioning light. We can provide repair and service check-ups on your Polilight Flare Plus 2.


The Polilight Flare Plus 2 was a re-branded (OEM) light we manufactured for the brand owner (Rofin). They have the full responsibility for service and repair and we are therefore not obligated to provide this service.


But as more and more users are asking for our help and assistance we have chosen to provide this service. 


Why limit yourself to an old model with obsolete technology?

The old Polilight Flare +2 has been the chosen light for many forensic scientists for many years. The time has now come to upgrade the specifications to match the available technology on the market.

We offer a much-needed battery, LED and Optic upgrade for the old model. The effect is instantly visible and the battery will increase operation time considerably.

When you choose to upgrade your light with the full upgrade pack, we will change the battery to the latest li-ion battery, the LEDs will be replaced with our best performing LEDs to secure you more power and the new Optic will give you an unseen edge in the search for evidence.