The company behind ForensicFlare


LED On Technologies

LED On Technologies provides new and innovative solutions based on the latest innovative technology in the light/forensic industry.  


LED On Technologies consist of a team of specialists and experts with more than 20 years experience in producing innovative and high-quality products for the forensic, law enforcement, health- and military industry.


As experts in the industry we have cooperated, designed and manufactured products based on OEM agreements for several large industry leading companies. The most well-known forensic light designed and manufactured by us is the Polilight Flare Plus 2.


Product designed, developed and produced by us has been used by crime scene investigators and coroners globally since 2003 with a high level of satisfactory and the products has proved its durability even in rough terrain.

Our products are made of the highest quality material and is capable of accompanying professionals on their journeys in rough and harsh terrain and under water.


We are now ready to introduce a new and improved version of the Polilight Flare Plus 2 and we are happy to provide professionals with the best tool available in the industry to maximize the efficiency of their work and assist them in their search for crucial evidence.