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ForensicFlare is the first forensic light company in the world to provide a trade-in opportunity and to offer a special trade-in discount when you pre-order the ForensicFlare Light and send us an old forensic light.


The trade-in offer is a unique opportunity for forensic light users to acquire the latest technology by offering an discount when users trade in their old forensic lights while ordering a brand new (or multiple) ForensicFlare Light models.

We are happy to receive any brand or model and the condition of the light does not matter. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

We understand that not all crime scene investigators, police departments, lab technicians etc. have the budget for a top-level ALS which is why we have chosen to offer this exclusive deal on the ForensicFlare Light through our trade-in program.

This is why we offer such a unique opportunity to anyone who currently uses a forensic light in their work and would like to upgrade their light to the latest technology.

Any type of forensic light can be used for the trade-in.


Any type of models are accepted.


We also accept forensic lights that does not functions anymore.


If it is in good and working condition it will be distributed to professionals in areas that lacks funding to purchase their own forensic lights.

If they do not work or are broken we will repair the light through our recycle-partnership before they are distributed to new users.

Our hopes are we can help police departments and other professionals in geographic areas where they lack funding for forensic lights. With the new lights they will be able to secure more evidence and hopefully lower crime in their area. 


And in cooperation we are able to prolong the lifetime usages of the lights and together we can contribute to reduce electronic waste by recycling the lights and the components inside.

There is NO minimum quantity of old forensic lights you have to trade-in to qualify for the trade-in discount.


You are always welcome to send more than one old light but you are entitled to the discount from the first light you send us.

Contact us by completing the form below and we will contact you for further information about how you can send your light to us.

The trade-in offer is not a limited offer, but the large introduction discount is limited.

Hereafter the discount will be reduced and the trade-in offer will continue as normal.

Yes, it does not matter which ForensicFlare Light variant you purchase with the trade-in discount. 


There is also NO correlation to the amount of lights you trade in and how many ForensicFlare Light you order.


Example: You can trade in 1 forensic light of another brand and order 2 of each  variants of the ForensicFlare Light.

Trade-in Form

Fill in the form and we will contact you for further information