Powerful & Durable

Forensic Light Source


Experience the latest within forensic lighting with the the next generation of handheld ALS.

New & Improved

Design and Performance

ForensicFlare Light provides crime scene investigators with a variety of extremely powerful portable forensic lights and improves the chances of locating hidden evidence or indistinguishable residue.


The powerful features of ForensicFlare Light will increase detection of latent fingerprints, Body Fluids, Hair and Fibers, Gun Shot residues, Bone fragments, tire tracks, shoe prints, drugs etc.


Forensic Light Source

Detect, Photograph & Collect.

Forensic Alternative Light Source (ALS) is light used by crimes scene investigators, Lab technicians etc. to detect, photograph and collect evidence at a crime scene or in the lab. ALS provides the investigator with an option to use light in various color band (wavelengths) as one wavelength of light is more effective towards one type of residue or evidence than another wavelength. 

The ForensicFlare Light provides professionals with a sensitive alternative compared to traditional methods and increases the amount of detectable evidence and the quality of the evidence collected.

Choose the best
variant for the task

ForensicFlare is available in 12 different variants covering the full light spectrum from UVC light to Infrared (IR) light. Take advantage of the full assortment of variants and experience a more comprehensive evidence detection without limitations


Polilight Flare +2

Upgrade your gear!

As the original manufacturer of the Polilight Flare +2 we can provide all existing owners a unique option. Upgrade your Polilight Flare +2 with better components and take advantage of the latest technology and improve power, performance and prolong the lifetime of the light. 

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